I think I’m pulling an all nighter .. Still need to finish grading and creating a practice exam for financial analysis…. And then I have to get prepared for my interview 😞

My warren Buffett trip interview is it 8am and I’m so scared and nervous

I Stan for the script… Am I ugly


if we’re being honest, lorde is one of the best lyricists of our generation and i think that upsets a lot of people





The Wave, 1870 | Courbet


Are yordles small or just far away?


Tanja SoVa

pretty girl, pretty sky.
I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.
Thomas Sowell (via maybenextseason)
One of the tenets of militaristic fascism in America is the oft-repeated slogan that “you don’t have to agree with the wars to honor those who fight them for us.” Something to this effect is repeated thousands of times during Memorial Day bloviations all across the fruited plain. And it is all complete nonsense. “Honoring” paid killers for the state for participating in non-defensive, unjust wars only serves to make it more likely that there will be even more unjust wars in the future. And it rewards individuals for engaging in some of the most sinful and reprehensible behavior known to mankind.

There have been one or two exceptions in American history, but in general what Americans are “memorializing” on Memorial Day (which began as “Decoration Day” shortly after Lincoln’s war) is wars of conquest, imperialism, mass murder of foreigners and the confiscation of their property, the abolition of civil liberties at home, the slavery of military conscription, and the debt, taxes, and inflation that are used to pay for it all. The state orchestrates never-ending memorials to itself and its wars because war is the health of the state (and in almost all cases, the deadly enemy of freedom and prosperity).
Thomas DiLorenzo (via laliberty)



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